VA Home Loan Seminar

Your Path to American Home Ownership


Everything You Need To Know

From start to finish we we’ll take you through everything your need to know to make your VA Home Loan experience as seamless as possible.

Easy to Use
Our online VA Home Loan Seminar is interactive, and will quiz you along the way to make sure you fully understand everything there is to know about the VA Home Loan. So what are you waiting for?!
Learn at Your Own Pace
No more learning under the gun. With our platform, you can pause or restart as many of the modules you need to until you are done. There is a lot to know, and we want you to be informed. We know you are busy, so take the course on your own time.
Save Money
If you purchase your home with one of our realtor or lender partners, your appraisal costs are on the house! Those who complete the seminar automatically get a $600 appraisal certificate, and if you choose to work with our realtor partners you can get up to an additional $5000 paid towards your closing costs!

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